Looking for a basic ropehalter or a complete set for your horse or pony? Here you'll find an overview of our complete horse assortment. Our basic rope products are suitable for daily use training your horse, like groundwork exercises, natural horsemanship, tricktraining or bitless riding. You can also choose a more fancy ropehalter with feather clip or nose ornament for a photoshoot for example or when attending a horse event. From shetlander, to a Fjordhorse, a KPWN horse or maybe a drafthorse: all rope products can be custom size made!

We made ropehalter or set for almost every horse breed:
Friesian, KWPN, NRPS, Appaloosa, American Paint Horse, Quarter, Haflinger, Fjord, Shetlander, Minipaard, Trotter, Gelderlander, Arabian Horse, Groninger, American Miniature Horse, Tinker, Shire, Icelandic Horse, Lusitano, PRE, New Forest, Welsh pony, Schwarzwalder Fuchs, Holsteiner, Percheron, Fell pony, Curly horse, Dartmoor, Connemara, Criollo, Hackney, Knabstrupper, Lippizaner, Konik & lots more.

We also make (beside dogs) products for other animals, like:
Donkeys, mules, cows, calves, alpacas, llamas, sheep & goats.

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