If you're looking for a little bit more stability in bitless riding with a ropehalter, you can choose for a ridinghalter with an extra browband. Here you will also find our 3-in-1 ridinghalterbridle, with the option to attach a bit or snaffle.


3-in-1 ridinghalterbridle






Ridinghalter 'Dreamcatcher'





The ridinghalters have a llittle bit more stability on the head, because of the extra browband. Besides that a ridinghalster standardly has rings on the side of the nose, for a sidepull effect.

Our standard ridinghalter is the most sold. This ridinghalter has a basic nosepiece and browband and optionally you can choose for an extra headpiece.

The ridinghalter 'Dreamcatcher' has a nice native look, with a stunning browband with wooden beads and a dreamcatcher. You will certainly stand out with this riding halter!

The 3-in1 riding halter bridle besides his function as a ropehalter for groundwork and ridinghalter for bitless riding, the possibility to attach a bit on to the jawpieces. If wanted you can take of these pieces completely!

New in the assortment is the cavesson with zigzag design. This ridinghalter has a beautiful braided zigzag nosepiece (with extra piece in the middel) and a same zigzag browband.

Would you like a basic bridle or rope or a bitless bridle of rope, we can make everything as you wish! In every color combination an custom made.

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