Leads in all kinds of colors you will find at Horse Charms!


Lead basic

Basic lead



Lead with finishing

Lead with finishing


You can use a lead to click onto your halter. This can be a normal stable halter or a ropehalter! Together with a ropehalter with for example a basic nosepiece, and a lead in the same color as the nosepiece you can combine a great set.

A lead in combination with a ropehalter, can only be used for leading the horse or to walk with. Never tie up your horse when wearing a ropehalter!

Our leads are also very usefull for in the horse truck / trailer or to take with you on a trail. Because of the use of the flat rope they are wonderfully light weighted but very strong.
We use very strong carabiner clips onto our leads.

We offer a lead in a basic variant, but also with finishing at the clip. As end you can choose for a standard end (with a knot) or leather straps in natural, brown or black.

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